pan refurbishment

the armourglaze process

At IBCO we’ve optimized the process for cleaning, refurbishing and recoating baking pans through servicing some of the South Africa’s biggest and most demanding plant bakeries. Our exclusive processes and pan coatings can prolong pan life, reduce oil consumption and restore optimal bakery performance.


Hydraulic presses and custom-made dies flatten dents and warping, restoring pans to their original shape where possible. Welding of broken pans/welds is also possible to extend pan lifespan.





Pans are restored to operational cleanliness.

Pans are coated with our armourglaze coating and cured in high-temperature tunnel ovens. *IBCOAT non-stick coating also available on used pans.

Pans are dried in industrial ovens.

A custom cleaning solution removes the existing coating as well as existing oil greases and carbon from pans.



Pans are collected and delivered back to the bakery as a turn key solution by IBCO.

                                     KEY BENEFITS

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Reduce Costs

Use bakeware for longer, reduce the use of secondary oil release agents in pans and decrease the amount of cleaning hours required in bakery.


Decrease Cleaning Time

Enjoy decreased maintenance and cleaning of bakeware and equipment in your bakery due to less oil dispersion.


Increase Efficiency

Experience less production line stoppages and handling errors with straightened and refurbished pans.


Increase Productivity

Increase bake yield and reduce damages from depanning issues experienced with used oiled pans.


Improve Product Quality

Improve product bake consistency through improved heat transfer between pans during baking, dough movement and product release.


Consistent Quality release

Prevent product sticking to your pans, trays or moulds by re-glazing more often.


Increase Safety & Cleanliness

Generate a safer bakery environment with reduced fire hazards due to elimination of oils and grease as well as far superior plant hygiene.


Enhance Sustainability

Reduce environmental impact by decreasing scrap levels, reducing consumption of pan release oils and prolonging the life of your pans.

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