IBCO is South Africa's pioneer certified specialist Fluoropolymer NON-STICK coating applicator for the bakeware industry. 

With advanced coating systems in place, IBCO can apply coating technologies varying from IBCOAT Fluorpolymer technologies to its AMOURGLAZE silicon glaze ensuring industry leading quality and service.

IBCOAT Non-Stick

IBCO offers South Africas leading non-stick coating applications for the baking industry. IBCOAT coatings have been developed by the worlds best coating manufacturers to deliver the most optimum coating performance. From Bread, to buns, to confectionary products, IBCOAT has a solution for your bakery.

Bun Pan coating

Since 2012, IBCO has lead the South African industry with bun pan coatings enabling FMCG bakeries to get maximum throughput, decrease downtime and improve baked product quality. For more information on how you can convert your bun pans onto a non-stick coating, contact our sales team.


Speciality Coating

We acknowledge that the baking industry is a diverse one, with many sticky challenges. This is why IBCO has developed specific coating applications for products such as Twinkies, sponge cakes, donuts and other high-sugar applications. Contact us to chat about your sticking challenge.



ARMOURGLAZE is South Africas best silicone coating for bakeware. IBCO has developed this coating and its application on new and used bakeware for over 10 years through rigorous testing in the countries largest and most demanding bakeries.

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Center Gradient Transparent

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