IBCO specializes in the manufacture of industrial bread pans for plant bakeries.

IBCO offers dynamic product designs and product solutions tailor made for the global baking industry. Pans are designed and manufactured by IBCO with quality, innovation, strength and bakery efficiencies in mind.IBCO can offer folded and drawn pan options with various strapping design features and coating technology options. 


IBCO has developed its bun pans significantly in the last few years to be able to offer pressed pans for FMCG bakeries, baking high volume buns for the biggest fast food retailers. 

IBCO has supplied bun pans for some of South Africa's largest bun producing bakeries and is able to provide significant development assistance for new product development.

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The owners of IBCO have over 20 years experience of manufacturing Auto-Bake trays dating back to 1997. With over 100 different tool sets, IBCO is able to offer a wide range of trays to suit a multitude of Auto-Bake lines around the world. 

Our in-house toolroom is capable to producing custom made tooling to ensure a quick turn-around for our clients to manufacture high-quality, innovative Auto-Bake trays.


IBCO has a wide range of tooling to suit confectionary bakeries baking products such Panda bear cakes, muffins, cupcakes and sponge cakes. With our industry leading coating applications, IBCO is also able to advise bakeries on the best possible coating to match their bakeware in order to bake the best confectionary goods possible.

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