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IBCO applies a variety of coating solutions and is South Africa's only specialist in Fluoropolymer Bakeware oil-free coating, supplying bakeries both domestically and globally with oil-free coating solutions to advance bakeries efficiencies, improve plant bakery hygiene, enhance bake quality consistency and save bakeries costs from either no longer using pan release oil or vastly reducing the usage rates as well as added benefits from no longer having oil used in the release of baked products. 

​With advanced application systems in place to apply coating technologies varying from IBCOAT Fluoropolymer coating technologies to IBCO's ARMOURGLAZE system, IBCO is a leader in bakeware coating solutions.

Contact our sales team to find out ways we can advance your bakery business through our wide range of advanced coatings.

Non-Stick Bakeware coatings

Get your bakeware coated with the worlds leading applications designed to enhance the performance of your bakeware and bakery.
IBCO 2-200409-1109.png

South Africa's most advanced Silicone Glaze recoating facility. Turning around bakeware re-glazing faster than any other re-coater in Africa.


Bakery Equipment coatings

Coat your bakery equipment with the worlds leading coating applications aimed to enhance your bakery performance.
Center Gradient Transparent

Contact us for your total bakeware solution.

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